Brainetics a Breakthrough Math & Memory System


Brainetics a Breakthrough Math & Memory System Parents and teachers have watched and despaired over children who are struggling to learn and retain math skills. Math is often considered a hard subject for many students and the information often seems to end up lost in a myriad of other thoughts. Fortunately, Brainetics provides a solution to the struggles children face when trying to learn and memorize mathematic rules.

Brainetics Basics

Brainetics is a system that is designed to help children learn math and retain the information. The main purpose of the program is improving memory skills and teaching children how to learn information that is relevant to the rules they are learning while ignoring the unnecessary information that results in confusion and misunderstandings.








The system primarily focuses on improving mental abilities like memorization and problem solving rather than giving lectures and details about specific subjects taught in school. Brainetics also helps children break away from math anxiety, which is a common concentration problem when working on the subject. The creator of the system, Mike Byster, realized that children who suffer from math anxiety end up having problems concentrating on this rule-dense subject. That lack of concentration caused by worries about learning is confronted and dealt with in the Brainetics memory system.

The system is an excellent way for children to learn life skills they will need for their school years and into their future careers. While the system does have a strong emphasis on mathematics, the memory and study skills taught along with the basic math retention aspects apply to any subject in school. Many of the lessons will even apply to careers, such as organizational skills. This system will help children reach for a brighter future as well as helping them obtain better grades and making the challenge of learning more enjoyable in the present.

Unlike math programs or programs designed to teach other necessary skills for success in school, Brainetics solves the root causes of school related learning difficulties. The root causes of learning difficulties begins with a child’s concentration and the system directly confronts concentration problems and works on methods to help children keep their mind on the subjects they are learning. The fun pattern detecting activities within the system directly relate to keeping the mind focused on the task, making concentration easier and gradually building up this necessary skill when working on retaining information.

As previously state, the system also works on getting through math anxiety. The fear and discomfort relating to math is solved and provides children with a foundation in getting past worries about studying. Eliminating fears and worries helps improve the concentration by making the subject enjoyable.

Brainetics then takes the mathematics learning a step further by showing children the reliable shortcuts that make figuring easier to remember. This is especially useful when children start learning complex mathematics and need a little help remembering the rules they’ve learned in earlier studies. The complex math shortcuts are easy to remember and make math less challenging.

Another skill Brainetics addresses is multi-tasking. During school, children are expected to learn a great deal of skills and facts all in the same day. Combined with the lessons, children also need to learn the use of current technology and managing to work through more than one task at a time. Multi-tasking skills are a necessity in the technology age and children learn the basics through the Brainetics system.

The last skill the system works on developing in school aged children is organizing thoughts, particularly as mental organization relates to mathematics. Organization is a key to success in school, especially as children get older and have more complicated lessons that require a clearly laid out train of thought. The organization skills are applied directly to mathematics building that children can use from elementary school until getting into college.

The tasks performed in the system along with the memory skills taught in the system help children succeed in school. It forms the foundation of study skills children need to build upon when they start getting into higher studies throughout their education.

Product Features

Brainetics math and memory system comes with specific products that help children succeed in mathematics and improving their memory.

The system features five DVDs that break down information into manageable lessons children can start applying immediately. The DVDs are broken down into specific groupings that start with the most basic skills children need for success in math and school.

The first DVD provides children with keys to concentration. This is one of the most important skills for memory improvement. Along with the concentration lesson, the DVD will teach pattern recognition that applies specifically to mathematics.

The second DVD in the system is solely about beating math anxiety. This problem is common in childhood and requires overcoming to improve math and face the challenges of studying the subject.

The third DVD is specifically related to mathematics. It teaches common math shortcuts for complex problems.

The fourth DVD develops necessary multi-tasking skills. This skill set is vital to success in every subject as well as future careers.

The final DVD in the system provides a lesson on organizing thoughts and applies the skill to mathematics building that will carry forward into higher math and other subjects in school.

Beyond the DVDs, the program also includes a parent’s manual. The manual gives parents and educators tips and lessons to provide children with more than just the lessons on the DVD.

The playbook with the system gives problems and exercises that go along with the DVD lessons. It gives children hands on experience with the lessons.

The flashcards and playing cards are the final piece of the system and are perfect for teaching rote memorization and playing games related to the system.

The system costs $149.99. Though the cost might seem high, the results of the system are astounding to teachers and parents around the world who have discovered that their children are able to meet challenges and succeed in school.